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Revive your space with an unmatched clean through our specialized approach to offering professional cleaning services. We use the industry's best equipment and our knowledge of cleaning to target hidden dirt and grime, delivering a level of cleanliness that stands out from the rest.

Our goal is to go beyond deep cleaning. We approach every job with the goal to RESTORE IT to like-new condition. Say goodbye to temporary results and welcome a genuinely revitalized space.

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Serving Aberdeen and these surrounding communities:

Offering Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services:

Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining clean and healthy indoor air quality is essential for any home or workplace. Over time, air ducts can accumulate a variety of contaminants, including dust, debris, pollen, mold, pet dander, and bacteria. When these pollutants circulate through the space, they can trigger allergies, respiratory problems, and other health issues. Furthermore, dirty air ducts can hinder the efficiency of your HVAC system, forcing it to work harder and consume more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. Thankfully, our expert air [...]
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Area Rug Cleaning

Experience the Beauty of Spotless Area Rugs with Professional Cleaning by Martin Restores It Area rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are exquisite pieces of art that add character and warmth to any space. Whether they grace your living room, bedroom, or office, area rugs deserve special care to maintain their allure and […]
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Carpet Cleaning

Rediscover the Beauty of Immaculate Carpets with Professional Cleaning by Martin Restores It Carpets are a delightful addition to any home or office, providing warmth, comfort, and a touch of luxury underfoot. However, as high-traffic areas, carpets can accumulate dirt, allergens, stains, and odors over time, detracting from their original allure. If your beloved carpets […]
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carpet repair in progress

Carpet Repair Services

Revitalize Your Carpets’ Elegance with Expert Repair Services by Martin Restores It Martin Restores It provides expert carpet repair services and carpet stretching services in Baltimore MD and surrounding areas. Whether you need seam repairs or carpet stretching, Martin Restores It can restore your carpet back to its previous look. Carpet is a key investment […]
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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is a crucial maintenance task that should never be neglected in any household. The dryer vent, a vital component of your dryer system, requires periodic cleaning to avoid a myriad of potential issues. Let us delve into the numerous benefits of dryer vent cleaning and understand why it’s essential for every homeowner. […]
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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Elevate Your Space with Expert Hardwood Floor Cleaning by Martin Restores It Hardwood floors add warmth, charm, and sophistication to any interior, making them a beloved feature in countless homes and commercial spaces. However, as a high-traffic area, hardwood floors are susceptible to daily wear and tear, dirt, stains, and scratches that can diminish their […]
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Leather Cleaning & Restoration

Transform Your Leather Furniture with Professional Cleaning and Restoration Services by Martin Restores It Leather furniture exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, making it a prized possession in any home or office. However, over time, even the finest leather can lose its luster and appeal due to everyday wear, spills, stains, and accumulated dirt. If your […]
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Power and Pressure Washing

Restore Your Property’s Beauty with Professional Power and Pressure Washing Is the sight of dirt, algae, mold, and other unsightly contaminants taking away from the beauty of your outdoor property? Let Martin Restore It!  We will work our magic and restore your exterior spaces to a pristine appearance. Power washing, also known as pressure washing, […]
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Retail Shop Floor Cleaning

Retail Shop Floor Cleaning Services We specialize in providing top-notch cleaning services to enhance the shopping experience in your retail space. A clean, well-maintained floor is not only essential for safety but also makes a significant impact on how customers perceive your brand. Our services are designed to keep your floors sparkling clean and welcoming, […]
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Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Rejuvenate Your Tile & Grout with Professional Cleaning and Sealing by Martin Restores It Tile surfaces, adorned with their elegant designs and durability, are a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces. However, over time, the grout between the tiles can become a magnet for dirt, grime, and stains, causing it to lose its […]
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Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Revitalize Your Furniture and Upholstery with Expert Cleaning by Martin Restores It Furniture and upholstery are central to the comfort and aesthetics of any interior space, whether it’s your home or business. Over time, however, regular use, spills, and dirt can take a toll on the appearance and freshness of your cherished pieces. If you […]
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VCT Stripping and Waxing

Restore the Brilliance of Your VCT Flooring with Professional Stripping and Waxing Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) flooring is a popular choice for commercial and high-traffic areas due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. However, over time, VCT floors can accumulate dirt, grime, and debris, leading to a dull appearance and compromised integrity. To address these issues […]
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Warehouse Floor / Finished Concrete / Garage Floors Cleaning

Maintaining clean and well-kept floors in these areas is crucial not only for aesthetics but also for operational efficiency and safety. Our specialized cleaning solutions are designed to tackle the tough challenges posed by these high-traffic, heavy-duty environments. Why Our Services Are Essential: Floors in warehouses, finished concrete areas, and garages are subjected to severe […]
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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be an immensely devastating experience for any property owner. Whether it’s caused by a natural disaster, burst pipes, or a leaky roof, water damage has the potential to wreak havoc on your property, resulting in significant financial loss. But fear not! Our top-notch water damage restoration services are here to save the […]
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